Investor Overview

Pulse Seismic Inc. is a market leader in the acquisition and licensing of data for the energy sector in western Canada.
We own and manage Canada’s largest licensable seismic data library, covering the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin (WCSB) in Alberta, northeast British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Montana, parts of the Northwest Territories and the Yukon, as well as marine data on the east coast of Canada.
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About Our Data

Pulse’s data library covers western Canada’s most active and unconventional crude oil and liquids-rich natural gas plays. Since becoming a public company in 1999, we have created the largest proprietary seismic data library in western Canada, using two methods of acquisition:


We have acquired high-quality 2D and 3D seismic data sets through purchases from competitors and oil and gas companies looking to monetize their proprietary seismic data. We focus on data sets that are large, have multi-zone potential and meet the economic criteria to confirm an acceptable valuation.

3D Participation Surveys

Historically, we have partnered with producers that are interested in defraying the costs of gathering new data. We retained 100% ownership of the new seismic data and added it to our library, leading to increased revenue-generating capacity.

About Our Business Model

Our business occupies a unique part of the oil and natural gas exploration and development cycle, providing a key tool in the discovery and development of new oil and natural gas reserves – but with a lower risk profile and different business dynamic than producers.

Our model is based on the enduring value of seismic data, which can be repeatedly re-licensed to oil and natural gas companies – and now, to a growing client base in the exploration for non-traditional forms of energy and related resources.

Why Invest?

Long-Term Total Returns

  • Solid balance sheet and disciplined financial management.
  • Key performance metric is shareholder free cash flow – internally generated funds to invest in expanding our data library, buying back shares, paying dividends, and repaying debt when applicable.

Enduring Value

  • Pulse is an industry leader due to the size, quality and regions covered by our data library.
  • Seismic data doesn’t expire, retains its usefulness, and can be licensed over and over.
  • Current state-of-the-art processing and visualization software allows our clients to reprocess and reinterpret Pulse’s historical raw data – generating a recurring revenue stream.

Business Environment

  • Pulse Seismic data is licensed in all stages to the oil and natural gas commodity cycle.
  • International demand for Canadian oil, liquid natural gas (LNG) and natural gas continues to increase.
  • New technologies coupled with joint venture and merger & acquisition opportunities continue to spur revenue growth, shareholder free cash flow and total shareholder returns.
  • Realizing growth opportunities to license our data to companies in the energy transition.

Investor Presentations

Learn more about how Pulse manages risk, exercises due diligence, and demonstrates transparency to improve organizational performance and generate strong shareholder returns.

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