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Our Data Library

Pulse offers the largest and highest quality 2D and 3D seismic library covering the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin and beyond.
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Market Leading Advantages

Our Services

Pulse partners with producers that are interested in gathering new, high-quality 3D data in prospective exploration regions.

What We Offer


Our knowledgeable in-house geotechnical team offers strong project management skills to support the success of your next acquisition project.

Cost Savings

As a survey partner, Pulse assumes a portion of the costs and manages each step of the project. We have refined our methodologies to increase efficiency, resulting in a low cost-per-kilometre – allowing clients to cover the largest area for their exploration dollar and get exactly the data they want.


Pulse operates as the prime contractor under our geophysical license to ensure client anonymity and risk mitigation.

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Wayne McKinnon – Operations Manager