Market Leading Energy Data

Our high-quality data library offers extensive coverage of the Western Canada Sedimentary basin and beyond.


Data for A Changing World

We are evolving and expanding into new areas as part of the exploration for non-traditional forms of energy and related resources – including geothermal, lithium, carbon capture utilization and sequestration, and helium extraction.

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Sustainability Is Embedded In Our Corporate Strategy

We are committed to ensuring the smallest impact with the greatest outcomes for our future. Recognizing the link between environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives, Pulse published its inaugural ESG report this year to demonstrate our work and commitment to building a sustainable future for our industry.

ESG Highlights

Eliminated 550,000 linear kms of environmental disturbance that would have resulted if the 2D and 3D data licensed in the last five years had been newly surveyed for each client.

27% increase in 2D kms of data licensed and sold to new energy transition clients – to 64% in 2021 from 37% in 2020.

6,000 cubic feet of recycling equated to 90,000 pounds of recycled material.

Donated $11.6 million of data to academic institutions for research and learning.